My journalistic journey

My first step into journalism was when I was 15 years old and interned at Mitt Nytt, the public television's local editorial office in Sundsvall. I thought it was exciting to ride around in the reportage car in the county with the established journalists. At twenty I did an internship at Dagbladet and, after that, I freelanced at Dagbladet in Sundsvall. I, who have always had a solid legal pathos, wanted to give voice to the little man in the extensive system and at the same time make difficult questions available to more people. I did firmly believe that journalism could make the world a better place.

At twenty, I also moved to Stockholm to study at Stockholm University and Poppius' journalism school. More details about studies are here. I started writing articles for Gaudeamus, a long-established student magazine where I later worked as an editor. It was great fun to watch the world-famous ethics researcher Peter Singer's controversial visit to the student union but also to gain insight into all the exciting research that is going on. Later, I got a temporary position as a reporter at Amelia, and from there I moved to a job as an editor at Pressens Medieservice. Together with a colleague, I created, among other things, an IT magazine called "Future today".

When I became a parent, I decided to start freelancing. I got a couple of freelance contracts from previous employers and thus got off to a good start. A fun assignment during this time was when I was involved in starting Metro's first fashion department, something that had not been a noticeable feature in the daily press before, but it became after that. I have since worked with features for three different news agencies (FLT, Nyhetsbyrån PM and TT). I have written an interview book for LL-förlaget and participated in several youth books. I was also a freelance editor for the design award-winning inflight magazine Stopover. Most of all, I have worked on making feature stories for newspapers. 

Now my children are older, and I have had the chance to continue my education for a couple of years, all to understand the world a little better and thus also be able to write even better, in-depth and research-based articles. In the spring of 2022, I will complete an International Master of Journalism, plus an in-depth photography education, and I can confidently deliver both text and images of high quality to my clients. I still think that good journalism can make the world a better place.